Fall & Winter

Keep Rodents and Insects from taking up Residence

Unlike insects, mice and other rodents are not capable of going dormant for the winter. While some mammals, such as raccoons, do hibernate during the winter, most simply seek a warmer shelter. Mice, rats and squirrels actively work on building nests year round, often inside homes and garages. Here are some tips to prevent rodents from moving in:

  • Keeps squirrels and other animals from inhabiting the eaves or attic areas of your home by repairing and patching any holes in the soffits and facia.
  • Overhanging tree limbs provide superhighway access to the attic areas. Prevent easy access to these areas by keeping tree limbs cut back from the house and garage.
  • Gutters and overhangs can also provide nesting areas for rodents. Keep these areas clean to prevent unwanted winter guests.
  • Screens and door sweeps are very effective at preventing rodents from accessing your home. Make sure these are kept in good repair.
  • Firewood, yard waste, and compost are popular nesting materials and provide ready food sources. Store these items away from the house.