About Us

We are Enviro-Guard Plus, a team composed of 5 technicians and 1 office person. Collectively, our technicians have almost 100 years of experience in dealing with pests. 

Here we are, The Enviro-Guard Plus Team. We are, from left to right, Cindy, Joe, Frank, Rick, Andy, and Justin

Our Office Manager has worked in customer service for over 20 years and is dedicated to making sure your problem is solved as quickly as possible. She is inquisitive and reads between the lines to make sure your appointment is going to be at the best possible time for you and your technician.

Together, we work to make sure your pest problem is carefully researched, well managed and fairly priced. Fair warning though: we don’t work like other companies. If you don’t need a service, we’ll tell you. If you need more services, we’ll tell you that too. We make sure the job is done and done right.

Our reputation depends on it!