Where do we turn when Mother Nature stumps us?

Our favorite websites

Where do the professionals go when they find an insect they aren’t totally up to date on?  What do we do when Mother Nature stumps us?  We go to the Web!  No, not the spider web, we go to the sites that have the information we are looking for.

  • PestWorld.org is the place to go for insect identification, information about pests in our area and where to find the best pest control professional. (That’s us of course!)
  • Bed bugs are more active than ever and as we start travelling again its important to understand this nocturnal pest.  Bed Bugs Entomology is our secret weapon to understanding Bed bugs.

Spider Season is almost here!

Keep your eyes peeled for your Spider Control renewal package! Packages were mailed the last week of February. If you haven’t received your package, please let us know. We can either mail or email it to you so you can return it before the April 1st prepayment deadline.

If you are interested in Spider Control, but haven’t had us do it in the past, give us a call. We’ll send a technician to evaluate the property and provide you with a quote for both the Spider Control Basic and Spider Control Plus packages. More information is available here: spider control

Timely Tips

With the Fall/Winter weather finally here, remember to check around doors, windows and the foundation for possible pest access and ensure vents have functional covers. Also inspect door sweeps and runners for both personal and garage doors. Do not store wood and other items close to your home as this provides nooks and cranies for rodents to hide and nest in. Keep your composter as far from the house as feasible since it acts as a rodent restaurant. Keep seeds for the bird feeder in a sealed container to prevent rodent and other pest access.

Have your Pest Control Technician check and maintain any rodent stations. It’s also a good time to contact s for a quote for seasonal Spider Control. Sign-up for our Spider Control Basic and Spider Control Plus programs begins in February, so be ready!

Remember to call Enviro-Guard Plus for all your pest control needs!

Fall & Winter

Keep Rodents and Insects from taking up Residence

Unlike insects, mice and other rodents are not capable of going dormant for the winter. While some mammals, such as raccoons, do hibernate during the winter, most simply seek a warmer shelter. Mice, rats and squirrels actively work on building nests year round, often inside homes and garages. Here are some tips to prevent rodents from moving in:

  • Keeps squirrels and other animals from inhabiting the eaves or attic areas of your home by repairing and patching any holes in the soffits and facia.
  • Overhanging tree limbs provide superhighway access to the attic areas. Prevent easy access to these areas by keeping tree limbs cut back from the house and garage.
  • Gutters and overhangs can also provide nesting areas for rodents. Keep these areas clean to prevent unwanted winter guests.
  • Screens and door sweeps are very effective at preventing rodents from accessing your home. Make sure these are kept in good repair.
  • Firewood, yard waste, and compost are popular nesting materials and provide ready food sources. Store these items away from the house.