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Enviro-Newsletter (Spring)

                                             Keep Rodents and insects from taking up Residence

- Unlike insects, mice and other rodents are not capable

of going dormant for the winter. While some mammals,

such as raccoons, do hibernate during the winter, most

simply seek a warmer shelter. Mice, rats, and squirrels

actively work on building  nests year round, often

inside homes and garages.

- To prevent squirrels and other animals from inhabiting

the eaves or attic area, repair and patch any holes

            and keep tree limbs cut back from the house and garage.

- Repair screens and door sweeps .            


- Clean out gutters and overhangs, where rodents can

also build their nests.

_  Store firewood, yard waste like leaves and moss away from the

house prior to disposal. These materials are popular

nesting materials.

- Keep garbage and recycle bins away from doorways leading into the house

to minimize ants, wasps and hornets accessing your home.

- Keep birdseed in a sealed

metal container. Mice can

gnaw through plastic and

eat seeds.

 - Common entry points are

around pipes, where small

cracks are frequently just

large enough for a mouse

to squeeze through. Block

holes with steel wool.

- In the house, eradicate

clutter that can provide mice with harbourage.

- Try to keep paper products such as paper boxes off  the floor.

Wet paper attracts many different types of moisture insects.


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 March 21, 2018