Spider Control Packages

Spiders have been around as long as there have been flying insects to catch. They are a necessary part of the environment, but like everything else there is a limit. As Eastern Ontario’s oldest locally owned and operated Pest Control company, Enviro-Guard Plus has just the package you need to control your spider populations. Our programs are designed to be effective, but not intrusive. We take care to avoid areas with known nesting sites and ensure your planters are moved out of the way before our treatment. While our products are safe and will not harm your plants, we do request your pets and any pet food or water bowls are brought inside during our treatment. Once the product is dry, it is safe to re-enter the area.

Spider Control Basic Package

Our Spider Control Basic Package focuses on helping to control the number of spiders around your home or business. We come out every 45 to 50 days and sweep down the webs before applying a product that will control the spiders without endangering the environment. Timing of our treatments can be affected by the weather and expected changes in weather patterns. For example, if we know its sunny today, but it’s going to rain for the next 2 weeks, we may do your treatment early to avoid the rain and still provide the optimum protection. Our product is safe and typically does not stain. By applying the product in a manner that minimizes excess application, we keep your cost down while providing you with superior service.

Spider Control Plus Package

Our Spider Control Plus program is just that: The Spider Control Basic program PLUS. Spider Control Plus controls your spiders in the same way as the Spider Control Basic, sweeping away the webs and applying the product. With Spider Control Plus, if you find evidence of mice in your home, locate a wasp or hornet nest, or need an expanded treatment to rid the exterior of your home of earwigs, simply call our office and let us know. We will send out a technician to asses the situation and take the next step. For wasp or hornet nests this typically would involve treating the nest. For mice, we would check for entry points, determine the best method to control the population and implement the plan.

Our Spider Control Packages are enjoyed by customers throughout the Napanee to Morrisburg corridor. We service Morrisburg, Iroqois, Cardinal, Prescott, Brockville, Kemptville, Mallorytown, Gananoque, Kingston, Bath, Napanee, Westport and Charleston Lake.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our reputation depends on it so if you see a large number of spiders two weeks after our application, please let us know! We can’t fix it if we don’t know its broken!