I see more spiders than last year, have you changed anything?
We do our best to provide our customers with a consistent, high quality service. To ensure you receive our best work each time, we keep variables, such as products and methods, the same from year to year. Mother Nature is not always on our side and sometimes the weather will encourage the growth of insect populations. Increased food supply equals increased spiders. We do the best we can, but timing and the numbers of spiders you see will differ from year to year.
What if I see spiders before my next application?
If you are still seeing spiders within the first 2 weeks after our visit, please be patient. Sometimes spiders aren’t at home when we apply the pesticide and we have to wait for the residual properties of the treatment to do their job. If you are still seeing spiders more than 2 weeks after our visit, please let us know. Mother Nature sometimes tries to thwart our efforts and sends a rainstorm right after a treatment. Let us know the spiders are taking over and we’ll send in reinforcements.
I don’t think I need 3 services. Can I get a quote for just 1 or 2 services on my order form?
Individual services can be provided, however they are based on our standard pricing and do not include sweeping the webs away before application. Please contact the office for pricing options.
What product do you use for the treatments?
Dragnet is a new and safer insecticide. It dries quickly so is safe for use in areas frequented by children or pets. There is also a residual component to the product that continues to control the spiders for up to 50 days after application. This is the reason for the 45-50 day gap between applications.
Is the treatment harmful to pets, flowers etc?
Our services are mainly restricted to the house, garage, shed etc. and dries quite quickly depending on the weather at the time of application. Prior to our service, we walk around the area and ensure that pets are a safe distance away. We also ensure sensitive plants, accessories, pet dishes, etc are well out of the drift area of the application. If you have any concerns, please call the office and we make note of any sensitive areas prior to application.
Will the spider application kill my ants?
Yes, and no. Our spider control treatment will affect any insects in the same treatment area as the spiders. Spider treatments are focused on cracks and crevices around doors and windows. Ants are not typically found in high numbers in these same areas so no. The Spider Control applications will not effectively control your ants. Please contact the office for pricing options. We’ll help you find the best treatment for your pest. Remember, if earwigs are a problem, check out the Seasonal Plus Package.
Will my Earwig service prevent earwigs from eating my flowers?
No, as Structural Exterminators, we are focused on preventing and removing pests from you home and other structures on your property. Our earwig control service applies the treatment to the exterior perimeter of you home preventing earwigs from becoming a problem within your home. No application is applied to your grounds or gardens.
There are spider webs on my shrubs and trees.
Please let the technician know of any areas of concern before your treatment. While our service is to provide spider control on building structures, if we know there is a higher concentration of spiders in an area adjoining the structure, we can make note and ensure that portion of the building receives special attention.

Your satisfaction with our service is important to us so, please, if you feel the results of our service are not up to par, call our office and let us know. We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broken!

email: office@enviroguardplus.ca

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