Spider Control Plus

Sometimes just controlling spider populations isn’t enough to give you full safe and enjoyable access to your home or cottage. You might have mice in the attic, or a wasp nest in the children’s climbing gym. Hornets in the shed are common as are mice in the basement. Spider Control Basic is just for spiders so now what? That’s why we created Spider Control Plus. Spider Control Plus adds mice, wasps, hornets and earwigs to the package. Spider Control Plus is again just like it sounds,  Spider Control Basic PLUS the added benefit of mouse control, wasp or hornet nest control, and earwig control.

Spider Control Basic will take care of the spiders on your home or shed, where-ever we have agreed to treat when you signed up for the program. There is no way to spray for mice, and it wouldn’t be an environmentally sound practice to treat for pests you don’t have, so we rely on you to tell us what pest you have and where. Call our office and tell us: I have mice in my basement! Perfect (well not perfect that you have them, just that you told us what (mice) and where (the basement)) now we can send a technician to take the next step.

When you call, we’ll collect details about what pest you have (mice, hornets/wasps, earwigs), what evidence you’ve seen, where they are and what you have already tried (please don’t try – it can make the job so much harder if not done correctly). The office will set up a time if needed and will send the information to the technician. Keep in mind that some issues (like wasps for someone who is allergic) are more time sensitive than others (earwigs can be taken care of with your spider treatments). We will keep a record of the issues you’ve had this year, so we can make sure you get the best package for next year.