Enviro-Guard Plus

Pest Control Service details

 *  We provide Pest Control  services for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural customers.

 *  Enviro-Guard Plus provides the solution for all your insect & rodent problems.

 *  We can identify or confirm your pest and provide a safe, effective solution and guarantee the work.

 *  Our technicians are trained and licensed to professionally solve your problems.

*   We provide fast response times and all our services come with a written guarantee.


*   Contact  our Office for prices & to book your service. (see our Contact Us page)



Enviro-Guard Plus can respond to all pest problems :

                                                              *  mice & rats,

                                                      *  wasps,  bees & hornets,

                                                      *  spiders (see Spider Control program page for details)

                                                      *  roaches,

                                                      *  earwigs,

                                                      *  ants,

                                                      *  fleas &  bed bugs,

                                                      *  clusterflies and

                                                               *   all other problematic insects.  





          For more Pest info try :


               North American Pest Management  Association www.pestworld.org


               For Bed Bug info try : https://entomology.ca.uky.edu/ef636




                  Rev. March 21, 2018.