Spider Control FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions



What if I see spiders before my next application?

If you see a significant number of spiders in the areas that we have treated, you should call our office.

Also remember that weather permitting we will be back every 45 to 50 days rendering our 3 services.


I think I only need 1 or 2 services, can I get that at the price quoted on my order form?

Our quoted prices are for our Seasonal Program (3 Applications). There will be a premium added to the price if less than 3 services are requested.


Is the treatment harmful to pets, flowers, etc?

Our product  is a new, safer insecticide. Prior to performing our service we ensure that windows are closed, children's toys, BBQs, pet dishes, etc. are well out of the drift area of our application. Our service is mainly restricted to the house, garage, shed etc. and it dries rather quickly; so pets really have no potential exposure. To ensure safety we recommend that all pets are either inside or tied up a safe distance away from the areas we are applying.


Will the Spider application kill my ants?

Our spider control treatment will help limit other insects in the areas we are treating. Please keep in mind, however, that our application methods are aimed at the areas where spiders inhabit.  Effective controll of other insects may very well require a separate treatment. If ants are a problem please ask about our Ant control service.


Will my Earwig service prevent the Earwigs from eating my flowers?

Our exterior, perimeter earwig control service is performed to prevent earwigs from becoming a problem within your home. It will not control earwigs that may be present throughout your grounds and gardens.


There are spider webs on my shrubs, trees. 

Our service is performed to control spider populations on  structures (i.e. homes, cottages, sheds, garages, etc.) 



Please remember your satisfaction  is important to us. If you feel the results of our service are not up to your satisfaction please, contact our office, so we can address your specific situation.

           Kingston – 384-0807      Brockville – 342-6251     office@enviroguardplus.ca



Revised  March 21, 2018.