Pest Control Programs

Pests come in every size, shape and color. They invade our homes, our yards, our businesses, and our schools. Enviro-Guard Plus technicians are trained in the the principles of Integrated Pest Management. This means that we use the most effective, least invasive methods to control your pest. We aren’t going to burn your house down to get rid of a few spiders (we leave that to imaginary pest control technicians like Delbert from Arachnophobia). Instead we apply products in the areas the spiders are likely to be: cracks and crevices and dark corners around your basements and cellars.

Our pest control services include one-time services which are designed to rid you of a particular pest. Once the pest is no longer in your location, there is no further need for treatments or follow-ups. Some pests however are more difficult to control and ongoing efforts are needed to contain them. Different pests create different problems for different kinds of locations. We evaluate your situation and determine the right way to control your pest. Some of our programs include spider control, tick control and rodent control

Spider Control Programs

Spiders have been around as long as there have been flying insects to catch. They are a necessary part of the environment, but like everything else there is a limit. As Eastern Ontario’s oldest locally owned and operated Pest Control company, Enviro-Guard Plus has just the package you need to control your spider populations. Our programs are designed to be effective, but not intrusive. We take care to avoid areas with known nesting sites and ensure your planters are moved out of the way before our treatment. While our products are safe and will not harm your plants, we do request your pets and any pet food or water bowls are brought inside during our treatment. Once the product is dry, it is safe to re-enter the area.

We have two packages for spider control. Our Spider Control Basic Program and our Spider Control Plus Program both control the spiders and their webs around your home. Spider Control Plus also helps to control the mice, wasp and hornet nests and the earwigs moving into your living area. Interested in more information about Spider Control? <<Click here>>

Tick Control

With the spread of Lyme Disease becoming as rapid as it is, we all need to do our part to slow the spread of the ticks that carry it. The map here: <<map>> shows the areas of highest risk within Eastern Ontario. As you can see, the majority of the area is at risk. Our Tick Control Program provides safe and effective control of ticks preventing their further spread.

Click here for more information about our Tick Control Program.

A Black-Legged tick after a full blood meal.

Agricultural Rodent Control Program

No two farms are ever the same, and no two farms have the same requirements for rodent control. This is why our Rodent Control programs are tailored specifically for the farm that needs it. We use bait stations, traps and other methods to reduce and control rodent populations. Yearly audits communicate recommendations that will eliminate or reduce structural or process deficiencies. See this page for further information: Farm and Agricultural Services