Farm and Agricultural Services

 row of silos in a field

Agricultural tractor in a field

Enviro-Guard Plus Inc provides our farm and agricultural services to many different sectors of the agricultural community. We have been entrusted to develop programs and provide services for cash cropping farms, dairy farms, other livestock operations, grain storage facilities, agricultural research centres and farm equipment businesses.

Agricultural Rodent Control

Rodents hide in dark corners and burrows under concrete pads and foundations. They take advantage of spilled grain, leftover feed, and other food sources to reproduce rapidly. Enviro-Guard Plus Technicians inspect the location and work with the individual farmer, supervisor or business owner to develop a program that meets their service and documentation requirements. We focus on key areas of harbourage (where they hide) and food sources that are sought out by the rodents and use this information to develop a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program using rodenticide and non-rodenticide products. We make suggestions and recommendations regarding any structural deficiencies (such as deficiencies allowing easy building access for Pests) that may contribute to rodent populations. These along with any production recommendations that will deter rodent populations are formally documented on Service reports. We only use products that are registered in Canada by the federal branch of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

As part of our farm and agricultural services, we provide log books containing any required documentation (such as the Safety Data Sheets for the products used on site), copies of the service report from each visit, and any special instructions to technicians. This book is also used to communicate any concerns our liaison may have between visits. Annual visits review the program and are used to redefine and communicate (verbally and by documentation) to the liaison person any further recommendations regarding structural or process deficiencies that may predispose the facility to pest issues.

Indian Meal Moth Controls

In addition to rodent control, some agricultural facilities also have issues with Indian Meal Moths. Grain and food storage facilities are often targets for the moths and we are familiar with the pests. Pheromone traps attract the male moth to the trap, eliminating its ability to reproduce. If you are having issues with Indian Meal Moths, call our office today.