Spider Control Basic Package

Just like it sounds, the seasonal Spider Control Basic Package will provide control of spider populations around your home, garage, shed, pool shed etc. Simply call the office and provide your details. A technician will walk around your home and leave you a quote based on the size of the home and complexity of the building design. More windows and doors mean more crevices and more time to complete the service. When you speak to the office, we will ask about any concerns you may have about specific areas (for example the location of a bird nest or rabbit cage). We’ll confirm the buildings you are wanting to include (like the woodshed you just can’t go into due to all the spiders) or not include (like the old barn you’ve turned into your man cave and like to keep to yourself) .

Starting in May and June, we provide treatment every 45-50 days. Treatment timing is affected by spider populations in the area and local weather conditions. Technicians will come to your home or business, locate and remove any items that shouldn’t be exposed to the product and sweep down any webs that have accumulated since the last treatment. Once the webs are down, product is applied to the areas around the windows and doors. We make every attempt to avoid the windows but sometimes its unavoidable. If you are planning to have your windows washed, it is best to have them done 7 to 10 days after our treatment.

Once completed, any items moved prior to treatment are returned to their proper place (sometimes the technicians are so good you can’t tell the plants have been moved). All our spider control services are guaranteed so if Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, give us a call so we can fix it. Sometimes we try to get a service in before a storm and it isn’t dry enough when the rain hits. We want to get the product applied before the residual value runs out. Applying before a storm is a gamble, but its worth trying if you are close to your next service date. We’re relying on you to tell us if it didn’t work. There is no extra charge for redoing the service or touching up where the rain washed it away.

Contact us for more information about the seasonal Spider Control Basic program and keep those spiders in check!

Image by

Hans Braxmeier