Tick Control Package

If you have read our Pest Pages on Ticks, you should have an understanding of the life cycle of the black-legged tick. The black-legged tick or deer tick (so called because it is most often found on deer) has been steadily moving North and bringing with it the vector-borne diseases ticks carry. This map of Eastern Ontario prepared by Public Health Ontario shows the areas at highest risk for Lyme Disease in our area. It goes without saying that higher risk of Lyme Disease is directly related to a higher risk of tick bites.




Ticks are best controlled through a combination of landscape management and product application. To best combine these two practices, we provide you with a checklist for landscape management techniques. These include items such as keeping the lawn mowed, controlling weeds and removing leaf litter and other debris from the yard. Keep areas around fence-lines and stone walls well trimmed and store firewood and other items well away from the house. Try to make the yard as unattractive to rodents as possible as ticks are more likely to enter the yard on rodents than other wildlife, especially in more urban areas.

We’ll provide you with a quote for services, and if you decide to go ahead, a technician will come by twice a year, usually in late spring (May-June) and early fall (September-October). These are the times ticks are the most active. The technician will treat a 2-3 meter wide area around the home and any other structures such as sheds, detached garages, dog house,  kennel areas, patios and other potential questing sites. We also treat around stone walls and areas of overgrown vegetation (such as the unmown ditch in front of the house).

It is important to keep pets and children inside until the product has dried and lawn signs are provided to alert friends and neighbors to stay off the yard until it has dried. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment, or would like a quote for Tick Control for your location, please contact our office or fill in the Contact Us form and mark the Ticks box.