A pest control website wouldn’t be complete without details about the pests themselves. In the pages to follow, we’ll look at many different household pests found in Eastern Ontario, where they are found, what they eat, and how to tell if they are in your home. This section is under construction, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check here for more pest information:

Google has dozens of definitions for the word pest ranging from “a nuisance such as a little brother”, to “the plague”. For our purposes, a pest is an animal or insect that has a detrimental (harmful) effect on human lives, food or homes. As Structural Exterminators, we are focused on pests in and around our homes. This includes rodents (rats and mice), squirrels, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, carpenter ants, silverfish, spiders, flies, pigeons, starlings, ticks, fleas, the list goes on. We’ll be adding pages as the details are compiled and updating the information to include what you can do to discourage the pest and when to call for assistance.

Pests in Eastern Ontario

Pests are found around the world, and while some pests are found all around the world, most have there own niches. That said, there are a number of animals and insects that are not native to Eastern Ontario but are